The 2018 Farm Bill

The farm bill reauthorization effort is fully underway in Congress. Although writing a new farm bill can take time, and often seems opaque to those outside DC, it can also move very quickly.

We’ve made a handy chart to track the farm bill through the committees, on the floor of the House and Senate, and eventually to the President’s desk. Green indicates a step that’s already happened; grey are steps that haven’t happened yet but must happen before the farm bill becomes law; and red shows where the process has come to a halt–for example, if the farm bill is voted down as it was in the House on May 18.


There are many additional resources that will help you stay in the know as the process unfolds. Visit the House and Senate Agriculture Committee websites to learn about key committee members, find information on upcoming hearings, and follow marker bills as they are introduced for consideration in the next farm bill. Track the latest commentary from experts at Politico, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, AGree, and others who keep their fingers on the pulse of farm bill happenings. And dive deeper into the farm bill platforms of key stakeholders and interest groups, as they seek to influence the process in public hearings and behind closed doors.

If you need a refresher on the farm bill reauthorization process, check out FBLE’s primer in our Background Library.