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Connecting the Dots: Rob Verchick and Laurie Ristino Talk Food Security and Climate Change

Center for Progressive Reform (CPR) President Rob Verchick recently sat down to talk with me about the connections between climate change, food security, and policymaking tools like the Farm Bill that could be better used to promote sustainable agricultural practices.

I’m excited to share an audio recording of that conversation as CPR prepares to “soft launch” their new “Connect the Dots” podcast. It’s a work in progress. This first mini-series will focus on climate change adaptation, with episodes coming soon that explore issues related to climate-driven displacement, migration, and relocation; occupational health and safety protections; and water quality restoration in the United States.

In this first episode, Verchick and I:

  • Define food security (0:50)
  • Discuss the ways climate change affects food security, including changing rainfall, shifting growth seasons and crop yields, pests and pathogens, and more (2:13)
  • Share experiences from inside federal agencies, including at times when the realities on the ground clashed with political leadership’s distaste for talking about climate change (11:30)
  • Give a primer on the Farm Bill (15:55)
  • Wonder, are there ways to improve food security through the Farm Bill this year? (18:40)
  • Look at opportunities to alter crop insurance policies to drive sustainable agriculture practices (21:18)
  • Chat about the evolution and expansion of scholarship at the intersection of food law and policy (28:25)

Give it a listen.

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